Frosty Ghost Remover
Frosty Ghost Remover

Frosty Ghost Remover

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 Frosty Ghost Remover, packed in decorative frosted glass bottles, utilizes a unique mesh-release formula to help in removing goo residue without damaging delicate materials.

Key Features

∙ No Harsh Solvents

∙ No Dyes or Harmful Fumes

∙ Organic Natural Fragrance

∙ Minimizes CoPolymer Cleanup Time

∙ 100% Organic Skin Conditioners

∙ Antifungal

∙ Gentle on Skin

∙ Great for Lace Units

∙ Biodegradable



1) Dab remover onto cotton pad and gently wipe where Ghost Goo is applied.

2) Massage Ghost Remover thoroughly into the desired area.

3) IMPORTANT: Let the remover sit for 2-4 minutes before removing lace piece. The longer the remover sits, the easier the removal will be.

4) Wipe off glue residue

5) Follow up with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of leftover residue & product.

6) Repeat if necessary.



Do Not Recommend if your skin easily breaks out.

Oily skin can result in glue not sticking for maximum time.

Before using, patch test on your arm. If irritation occurs do not proceed. For external use only! Do not ingest! Do not apply to open wounds or irritated skin If irritation occurs, stop using. Close cap tightly and keep out of children’s reach.



Replenishable Hydrocarbons, Organic Whetting

Agent, Natural Antifungal.


2oz per bottle